Company profile

PanTáv Ltd has been founded by private investor professionals in 1999 for turnkey development of telecommunication networks. Ever since, the company plays a leading role in the South „Dunántúl” region.

In 2004 PanTáv instituted the ISO 9001 Quality Control and in 2010 the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems that they renew periodically.


The company operates from its premises in Pécs and Városdombó. The 4200m² Headquarter with its 800m² storage facility serves the primary role to support core businesses. The staff of 50 full time professionals consist of:

7 registered technical managers

2 registered construction site supervisors

3 registered telecommunications designers

3 junior designers

1 surveyor engineer with property alignment license.


Our professionals gained many years’ experience in the design, implementation, operation and maintenance in the regions of Baranya, Tolna, Somogy, Bács-Kiskun és Zala counties in:

Traditional communication systems,
Cable and Satellite television networks,
Structured networks,
Optical networks piggyback on medium and high voltage transmission poles (0.4kV and 20kV,
In-ground optical networks, mini-pipe, mini-cable networks,
FTTH subscription networks (P2P, GPON).

The company uses its own resources for all phases of works (earth moving machines, small construction machines, network building and construction general and specialized tools, work place safety tools, traffic diversion and management systems.

The employed professionals regularly participate in training courses and expos to master and apply new technologies. They have extensive experience in the design, building up, blow-in and splicing of the lately extending mini-tubes and mini-cables.   

Since 2009 the Geodesy branch performs the measurement of the networks built and other Geodesy tasks needed for implementations of networks.


Since the foundation of PanTáv supports customer participation and connection, turnkey large investments and network troubleshooting tasks. Network faults are localized by measurements with instrumentations and the earthworks involved with the repairs are done to restore original conditions. Also performs planned preventive maintenance tasks.

The designers and foremen of the company also participate in small projects to design and build copper wire and district area optical (FTTx) networks. The designer branch is cutting edge in the introduction of new technologies and manufacturers’ solutions (Prysmian, Tyco, 3M, Corning, Ericsson Micronet and Ribbonet, other FTTx).


Major projects of the past years:

In 2006, PanTáv has built the first mini cable FTTH comprehensive network in the city of Boly.

In 2007, designed and built the mini cable network in the city of Paks that is scaled to support the needs of the nuclear power station and provides for the future platform of the future FTTH system.

In 2008, on behalf of Magyar Telecom in the city of Pécs, in the framework of the Beijing 2008 project 60 km optical mini cable network and VDSL cabinets have been installed and copper cables have been reconstructed.

Participated in the Prysmian FTTH mini cable network construction.

Registered installation partner of the Reichle & De-Massari and Krone products.

Designed and implemented optical backbone  network ring in the cities of Pécs and Komló.

Designed and implemented optical connection on 20kV transmission line poles between Pécs and Hosszútétény.

In 2009, designed and implemented optical rings.

From 2009 to 2011, constructed a 17769 customer FTTH (GPON) network between Pécs, Komló, Siklós and Szentlőrinc for Magyar Telekom

From 2009 to 2011 designed and constructed a 22950 flat capacity FTTB network for DigiTV.

In our area, the local optical HYTAS system communications networks have been built with our supervision. Our company implemented in Pécs and Szekszárd the CITYNET optical backbone ring-

Between 2006 and 2011 we built more than 400 km optical network (on 0.4kV, 20kV and in-ground) and welded more than 50000 optical strands.

From 2006 to 2011 our underground communication pathway exceeded 230 km, most of which is in urban area.

In the past years PanTáv has developed a strong relationship with its customers and authorities involved in its projects. These qualities ensure fluent performances on short notices.

PanTáv is a certified partner of Magyar Telekom since its foundation.

Telephelyünk: 7630 Pécs, Diósi út 51.
Postacím: 7614 Pécs , postafiók 119.
Telefon: +36/72/516-666 +36/72/516-665
Fax: +36/72/243-000
GPS: N 46°5'5.17" , E 18°15'32,36"